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About Us

Phoenix Collaborations is where the devil in the details meets Holy Water. Created for such a time as this...we are here to help you grow events in your business. 

Our SOP (Strategic, Organized, Profitable) Event process will help you successfully grow events in your business. We can help you create a strategy to reach your event goals, budget for profit...and all those details that need to be managed...

As Expert Detail Wranglers we can manage ALL the details so you won't have ANY of the overwhelm. We'll manage the stress of planning while you focus on what matters most.

Let's collaborate to level up your impact...and your income.

Our Mission

Make the world a better place - one client at a time.

A little about me. I’m a spicy Carolina Girl infusing a dash of Southern Charm into the neon world of Las Vegas! Armed with a B.A. in Public Relations from the University of South Carolina, I set my sights on taking the Public Relations world by storm. But the universe had other plans and in 2000, I stumbled into a role that sparked my passion for event planning, revealing my true purpose.

Fast forward two decades and the universe had another surprise in store, sending me on a path to entrepreneurship. Now I am the driving force behind Phoenix Collaborations, a venture created to empower heart-centered entrepreneurs and non-profits to impact more lives with SOP (Strategic Organized Profitable) events and speaking engagements. A firm believer in David Allen's wisdom that "You can do anything but not everything," I guide my clients to achieve the EVERYTHING of their event and speaking goals.

I am not just another run-of-the-mill consultant and event planner – I am the detail wrangler your dreams have been sending out search parties for! With my infectious energy and knack for transforming chaos into coordinated awesomeness, I will turn your event dreams into impactful experiences.

When I’m not busy wrangling details, you’ll find me spending quality time with my fiancé Wesley, playing the role of professional aunt, getting crafty with DIY projects, and weaving a thrilling historical fiction novel about none other than Jack the Ripper. Oh, and I’m a member of the sloth-running team. I am where the devil in the details meets holy water and believe every day is an opportunity to leave the world a little better than I found it.


So…are you ready to level up your impact and income?

Our Core Values:
Rise Above


We believe in the power of genuine relationships and prioritize a collaborative environment where trust, respect, and empathy thrive.


We believe in doing the right thing - especially when no one is looking.


We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients and in our community. #PhoenixCares


Our clients have a profound ability to inspire and effect positive change. We empower them to channel their energy into what truly matters.


We strive to stay true to ourselves and our clients, embracing our uniqueness, and celebrating our individuality.


We believe our clients are Titans of Transformation and that together we are making the world a better place - one client at a time.


Organization is our superpower. Our commitment to precision and efficiency allows us to save you from drowning in details.


We are driven to understand your aspirations and goals. We align ourselves with your purpose and provide support that manifests your vision into reality.


With over 20 years of experience, our expertise is the secret weapon you need to achieve the next level.

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Oklahoma City - 2022

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